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Thursday, May 5    
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Letter of Love
Somehow I always feel better,
When I write you another love letter,
I let out my cries,
Never saying our goodbyes,
Then slip it in the pocket of your sweater.

I tell you my fears,
That bring me salted tears,
I wipe the pressure away,
In this short essay,
As bliss forms and reappears.

As the pencil rapidly flows,
I try to explain and compose,
The way I feel,
Is too good to be real,
Better than a red red rose.

Telling you my dreams,
Letting out all my screams,
Showing you I care,
And this relationship can go somewhere,
Is filling the sky with godís gleams.

You do something to me,
You let me fly and set me free,
Your simple touch,
Is way too much,
For even god to see.

I keep on writing like before,
But this time itís so much more,
About your eyes that makes me melt,
Itís something that Iíve never felt,
Itís your soul I deeply implore.

I will stand by you,
Until the earthís core turns a pale blue,
Iíll indicate the love I share,
Make it unable for anyone to compare,
And keep the hope I have, true.

Times that hurt and make you mad,
Iíll cheer you up to make you glad,
Iíll offer you my support,
Iíll even give you the news report,
And remind you of the times weíve had.

Believe in me for Iím the one,
That shows you how to have some fun,
My quest to write this simple letter,
Can make things for us so much better,
Now our life together has just begun.
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